Protect Your Brands And Build Market Share

 Ahead of the Curve Group (AotC) is a performance driven, packaging and innovation execution team.   Combined, we have over a century of global experience in R&D packaging and marketing in the technology and fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) industries. 

Protect Your Brands And Build Market Share

The production and distribution of counterfeit and pirated products is a cross-category, global issue.  An OECD (Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development) study estimates that 1-2% of company turnover is lost due to counterfeits annually. The total global economic value is as much as $650 billion every year and projected to reach $991 billion by 2022.

It is often very difficult or even impossible to distinguish between authentic and counterfeit products with the naked eye. The quality of the packaging is very similar if not on par with genuine products. Unfortunately, the products inside are inferior and in some cases unsafe for consumer usage.

Building a business case with a positive ROI is impossible when the cost of Brand Protection technology is added to a package as an afterthought with no other value delivered to quantify the cost.  The end result is no action taken and continued loss in market.  There are low cost solutions available that offer additional capabilities and add value. 

Good Brand Protection

  • Increase the seizure of counterfeit products
  • Prevent de-listings of SKU’s with high risk counterfeit status
  • Protect consumer trust 

AotC Brand Protection

We build on good and execute solutions that also enable:


  • Easy Consumer Verification/Authentication = Increase Brand Loyalty
  • The Ability To Track and Trace = Increase Brand Trust
  • Engages Your Consumer (Digital      Marketing) = Increase Market Share

Moving Forward

At Ahead of the Curve Group, we understand the importance of Brand Protection and the role it can play within your business. We have years of experience in integrating new innovation and technology into fast moving consumer products and doing so in a way that brings a quantifiable return on your investments. If you need help in the areas of new solution scouting, technical feasibility studies, and from category trials up to full global