connected experiences

Connecting Brand

Using our AotC cloud based platform we can connect, via smart phones, your product packaging directly with your consumers.  The experiences are location and time based.  

Provide customized experiences for in store and at home using the same product packaging.  The geo location capability allows you to target messaging directly to a store location.  The same capability will recognize the product package has left the store and can deliver a new experience.

Cloud based management allows your experience to be changed in less than one second.  If new product information needs to be communicated or other value provided the content change is simple and basically instant.

In Store / At Retail

Provide customers with more product information to help in sales.  Include website links, video instruction and product competitive advantages.  Provide incentive to sell your product and brand.

For consumers in store connect with them at the shelf.  Provide value through easy to read instructions, use, and ingredients.  Provide how to videos and communicate effectively why your product is one they need.  


In Home

The same product package recognizes that your consumer is not in store.  The experience delivery is now one targeted for in home use.  Usage instructions, how to videos, recycling and disposal guidance.

Provide direct site links to existing digital materials.  Link the consumer back in for replenishment or e-commerce options.  Provide incentive to re-purchase or cross promote other product usage. 

Cost Effective


The key to our capability is the ease and speed we have developed for customization.  This significantly lowers cost and enables brands to quickly execute and connect with the consumers at point of purchase through to point of use and replenish.

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