Advanced Marketing Solutions

 The estimated number of IoT devices by 2020 is 30 billion. Are you ready?  

Digital Marketing

 We build and execute targeted campaigns.

Smart Packaging

  We apply latest technology to bring your packaging to life.

Blockchain & AI

 We build execution strategies.

Innovation Ecosystem

  "If you get up in the morning and think the future is going to be better, it is a bright day."  Elon Musk

Advancing Market Readiness

We identify the key process steps for innovation execution.

Integrating Solutions

We build the enabling ecosystem to integrate your solutions.

Market Development

We identify new market opportunities and applications for your innovation.

Packaging Performance

 To make the most of your investment; Increase margin and drive sales

Cost Savings

We identify solutions that improve margin.

Design Impact

We uncover value throughout the product life cycle.

In Store Performance

We build solutions that drive sales at retail.

How We Work

Advanced Marketing Solutions

  We collaborate with you to unlock new possibilities and drive performance through emerging connected solutions, digital and printed electronic technologies.  We enable artificial intelligence and blockchain solutions which will be critical to ensure your innovations continue to strengthen in performance.  With our leading edge approach to solution execution, our global partner network and experience, we will identify new opportunities that grow your business.  

Innovation Ecosystem

  We are your experts for innovation advancement and integration.  With a diverse global network and decades working in this space we apply our technical expertise to building you an Innovation Ecosystem. We consider all factors impacting new technology including; market development, network opportunities and execution requirements to enable critical decision making that will bring your innovations to life. 

Packaging Performance

We will be your experienced team for packaging and merchandising solution development and execution. We will ensure that what you spend in packaging has the best financial and brand impact possible.  You will benefit from our unique full system, analytic approach, our extensive market knowledge and consumer insights and our proven global partner network.  Our expertise is your expertise: for cost and sustainability improvement; for end to end efficiencies; and to maximize to store and in store performance.   

Why AotC ?

Our Experience


A Combined Century of Global Experience

· Brand Marketing

· Customer & Shopper Insights

· Innovation Development

· Market Execution

· Packaging Research and Development

Our Approach


Delivering Mutual Value Through Collaboration

· Emerging Technology Activation

· End to End Design Solutions

· Local to Global Scalability 

· Strategic Partnership

· Sustainability Integration

Our Performance


Sustained Competitive Advantage

· Actionable Performance Data

· Digital Economy 

· Market Ready Innovation

· New Market Opportunities 

· Total Cost Optimization