Value Delivery

AOTC delivers millions in savings

Value Delivery

Ahead of the Curve Group (AotC) is a performance driven, packaging and innovation execution team.  Combined, we have over a century of global experience in R&D packaging and marketing in the technology and fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) industries. 

Packaging Development Takes A Backseat In Canada’s Newest Growth Market

In October 2018 legalization of recreational cannabis rolled out in Canada and all entered with a focus of taking some of the 4.3 billion dollars estimated for the legal market size.   This rush lead many to utilize existing, stock/distributor based packaging to enable them to get to market on time.  Most have stayed with these initial pack types which, in almost all cases, are much higher cost, as they continue to focus on production and supply challenges.


Strong regulatory requirements restricted much of the packaging and marketing freedoms that typical CPG, including alcohol, brands experience.   Many of the cannabis companies have taken on top CPG executives into their leadership roles.  The areas of Child Resistant certification and basic packaging quality and consistency are new concerns not experienced in the larger CPG’s as many are accustomed to having access to internal packaging design expertise. 

AotC Delivery

 Bringing our experience in packaging development and end to end solutions we were able to redesign solutions for one of our key clients resulting in cost savings, better supply, and reduced packaging materials into the market: 

  • Cost Savings:  Delivered several million dollars year on year (direct to margin as production ramps up).
  • Sustainability:  Reduced over pack size significantly (distribution), reduced packaging materials into market and incorporated post consumer materials into primary packaging.
  • Supply:  Established a new, direct engagement supply base.
  • Processes:  Built and executed full specifications and packaging SOP base processes for ongoing simplification and speed to market.

Moving Forward

AotC can apply our experience and results to your business in any market.  Our engagement model is zero risk. We will meet with you, build an understanding of your market(s), strategies, production capabilities, review cost structures and supply prior to quantifying improvement opportunities .  We then offer different models for execution and delivery.  Cost Savings Models:  Shared Value (preferred):  Design and execute agreed solutions and quantify the value savings and share these with the client based on delivery – no consulting fees; (or) Packaging Consulting:  Design and execute solutions based on a  resource driven consulting agreement.  

For strategy builds in packaging, sustainability, innovation and go to market we can work through the right model that fits your needs.

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