Our Solutions

Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence dashboard enables at a glance actionable insights and decision making lens for your business. Combining data sources provides precise return on investment for Shopper Marketing and End to End Supply chain Management.


TapScan data capabilities, reducing IT dependencies and enabling decision-makers to recognize performance gaps, market trends, or new revenue opportunities more quickly. 

Shopper Experience

Bring your brand alive at the right place, the right time, with the right message with a customized shopper experience at any touch point around the world. 

Our platform allows people to engage with products and brands that are targeted with specific multi-locational coordinates to guide customers through their path to purchase.

Track And Trace

With our technology, brands can access unique and measurable insights specific to your current supply chain and marketing performance.

The technology enables brands to track and trace customers’ path to purchase to better their experience and make informed decisions.

The technology increases brand efficiency through display life and establishes brand connections by providing business intelligences without using an app.